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- Sociedad Estiba y Desestiba de Vigo (Portel, Puertos del Estado)


Company Public Port Labours of Vigo A. S.

C/ Arenal nº 9, 36201 Vigo Spain.
Phone: +34 986 447 362
Telefax.: +34 986 449 772




- Cortegoso & Co Lawyers

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42 º 15´N 08º 43´W

The port of Vigo, situated in de North-Western of the Iberican Peninsula and its 45 milles south of the Winter North Atlantic line, extend their influence in Galicia, North of Portugal and Castilla , with more than two thousdan entries of ships a year.

The port of Vigo, is conected in their hinterland with a widdle network of infraestructures motorways fast roads, railways and airports, which offer a facility to the users.

Located in the centre of the axis La Coruña (Spain)/Oporto (Portugal) its limited with de former by motorway both cities. Vigo reached a comunications improve along the 1.998 to the conection with Madrid and inland of Spain when the new fast road of the Rias Baixas.

Peinador Airport (Vigo)is only fifteen minutes far from the port by car, provides eight daily regular flights to Madrid, as well two to Barcelona and Bilbao and one to Paris, its posible to get others national an international conections. Santiago airport is 50 minutes far by car from the port of Vigo. This airport is conecting with the European capitals and Canary Island.

One to its excelent natural conditions of acces an shelter offered to ships by Vigo Bay, as well as its geographical situation on the routes to America and Europe, the port of Vigo is one of the main european ports of call for the traffic of goods. The Port of Vigo have another good condition its has posible to work 24 hours the 365 days at year.



 These activities are developed on differentes QUAYS that are following described:

BOUZAS TERMINAL : Bouzas Terminal has three fixed ramps for RO-RO traffic. One of them having a 200 m. berthing length an a depth of 10 m. The other two are 150 m in length an 8 m. in depth.

Next to Bouzas Terminal the depots an installations of Vigo`s Duty-Free zone can be found it.

The space of the differentes depots totals more than 200.000 square metres.

SHIPS REPAIR QUAY : There is a Ships Repair Quay close to the North zone of Bouzas Basin.

Its berthing line is 340,00 m. and its depth 10,00 m.

In its 100.000 square metre area one can find every facility for reparing activities.

SHIPYARDS AN SLIPWAYS : Ten Shipyards and Slipways, most of which are sited un Bouzas Basin, carry on their activity in the Vigo Bay with capacity for ships more than 200 m. long.

The prestige of Vigo´s Shipyards has been well known wordwide for many years and the vast majority of the Spanish Frozen-fish Fleet, as well as those from many other countries, have benn built there.

FHISING PORT : The Fishing Port handled more than 400.000 Tons. of fresh and frozen fish in 1994, wich places Vigo in a leading position among Europen Ports. In its land area of 300.000 m2 stand three Fish Auction buildings each 6.000 square metres long. Its Shelter Dry Docks are 740,00 n, ub kengt and its freezing Plants boast a storage capacity of 475.938 cubic metres. Is one of the most important fishing port of the world. A new fhising market has building and dispose on actuality at the new area to prepare and manipulate the fish.

TRASATLANTIC QUAY : Each Year the Port of Vigo Trasatlantic Quay is called at by the principal cruisers in the world, wich come alongside its 552 m. long and 12 m. deep quay. The Maritime Station, parallel to this quay, is 8.744 square metres. The terminal for domestic Traffic of the Vigo Bay is also in this zone.

COMMERCIAL QUAY : The commercial Quay has a Ro-Ro ramp wich is 253 m. in length and 8,50 m. depth. There are also cement in bulk storages with a capacity of 8.000 tons. Five 3/6 portic cranes complete ist installations.

TRANSVERSAL QUAY : In the Transversal Quay is one of the largest areas for granite storage, as this quay connects directly with the railway and the Motorway of the Atlantic.

This terminal is equipped with 3 port cranes of 20-45 Tons lifting capacity and a granty crane of 32 tons.

ARENAL QUAY : The special installations for the unloading / loading of solid and liquid bulks are to be found in the Arenal Quay. It has 4 cement depots and 9 portics cranes. Its berthing line is 736 m. long and 11 m. deep. There are a movil crane 88 tons capacity it has posible work at required on the comercial area

QUAY FOR PETROL TANKS : Installations solely for the unloading / loading of the oil products whith 11,00 m. depth

GUIXAR QUAY : Whit a depth of 17,00 m. along its 457 m. berthing line, the Guixar Quay is the deepest in the Port of Vigo. Besides, it has a 40.000 square metres area for containers, as well as direct connections with the railway and the motorway of the Atlantic network. Five large gantry and portic cranes are equipment avaliable there and two containers cranes. In a few months will be ability others 350 m. berthing cime, wiht 1.700 m. depth and 60.000 saquare meters area fof containers.

FREE DEPOT YARDS : Vigo has a public Free Zone where are stablished some companies. That offers also storage with all types of garantees. There are also private depot yards with storehouses allowing to foreign companies to have here cargo in a depot and delivery just in time without minimun guarantity.